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Service Dog Forces Unexpected Landing on US Airways Flight

Truffles the Service dog made an, er, lasting impression on a US Airways Flight.
Truffles the Service dog made an, er, lasting impression on a US Airways Flight.
Chris Law/Twitter

Truffles the Service Dog left something behind for passengers on a US Airways flight, but it sure wasn’t a chocolate treat.

The cross-country flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia made an unscheduled stop in Kansas when Truffles relieved himself – twice – in the center aisle on Wednesday. Apparently the dog suffered an upset stomach on the flight and had doggie diarrhea.

Passengers described the ordeal on Twitter as crew members rushed to use paper towels and disinfectant to clean up the mess.

The odor was reportedly so bad some of the passengers on the flight became ill. The plane was diverted to Kansas City, where a cleaning crew had the unsavory task of making the plane fit for travel. A passenger reportedly missed a connecting flight to Greece because of the mishap.

Passenger Chris Law snapped a picture of the dog and owner and gave permission on his Twitter page for people wanting to repost it.

“Blanket statement,” Law wrote. “I tweeted photos. Use away. Please also acknowledge how great the on board US Airways flight crew handled situation.”

Jim Kutsch, president of The Seeing Eye guide dog school in Morristown, New Jersey, told The Philadelphia Inquirer dogs can sometimes experience a form of motion sickness on airplanes.

US Airways spokesman Andrew Christie told The Daily Mail it was a "rare and unfortunate situation."

Truffles and owner were booked on another flight, according to reports.

Inside Edition reported the dog’s owner offered to buy Starbucks gift cards for passengers as an apologies.

But please, no truffles.

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