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Service animals

There is a very disturbing trend happening in the U.S. right now. This trend would be people taking their pets anywhere they want, under the guise of service animals. The act is disturbing because they are allowed to by the service vest without any certification, just plunk down the money and the vest is theirs.

The individuals who need service animals and their animals are being put at risk. Here is how, a real service animal must have health certification and shots given by a licensed Veterinarian. Certified service animals undergo intense training and are providing the service of keeping our disabled friends safe. Certified service animals will not bark or bite at another dog unless they are protecting their guardian. Although this animals maybe just as happy to see you as your own at home pet, they are well trained to remain calm and observant while working. Yes, they do play. However their play time is very structured and they have rules regarding the play.

If you know someone who is using their pet as a service animal and abusing the rights of the disabled; please ask them to stop.

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