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Server's note patron: Server leaves note for patron who paid couple's tab

A server's note to a patron has gone viral in a much-needed feel-good story this week. On March 18, FOX News reported that Kirsten Kinzle was dining at Mimi’s Café in Victorville, Calif. when she noticed a couple sitting and enjoying a quiet breakfast together. Kinzle felt that her party was rather loud and she felt bad for the couple who had to be bothered so she decided to pay their $30 tab. Little did she know that she did more than just pay for a meal.

Server Stephanie Miller thought this was super thoughtful -- and she knew something about the couple that Kinzle obviously didn't, so she decided to leave a note.

The server's note to the patron read, "I just wanted to tell you that you did an amazing thing paying for that table's breakfast. They are in town because that man just lost his brother. So you lifted their spirits, even if just for a moment" (via FOX News).

Miller says that she couldn't bring herself to talk to Kinzle because she didn't want to start crying at work. Obviously this story is very touching -- not only because the gesture was sweet but because paying that $30 tab meant so much more than Kinzle could have imagined -- and once she read the note? The tears started flowing.

The server's note to the patron has since gone viral.

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