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Server's note to patron: Server's kind note to patron's generosity goes viral
A servers kind note to her equally kindhearted patron is a feel good story all around.

A server’s kind note to a patron who picked up the breakfast tab for an elderly couple has gone viral, and the small gesture is being rewarded thousands of times over as the thoughtful act has been shared across social media.

According to Yahoo! News on Tuesday, patron Kirsten Kinzle paid for an elderly couple’s $30 breakfast at Mimi’s Café in Victorville, Calif. last week because she feared that her group had become too noisy and disturbed the pair’s quiet breakfast.

But there was more to the story than just an atoning gesture for being too loud. The server, Stephanie Miller, who was familiar with why the couple was in that morning, wrote a note to Kinzle that said:

“I just want to tell you that you did an amazing thing paying for that table’s breakfast. They are in town because that man just lost his brother. So you lifted their spirits, even if just for a moment. Have a great day!”

“You just see people sometimes that just look like a great couple and they really loved each other,” Kinzle said after her story went viral.

Kinzle said the note telling her what had happened meant so much to her.

“I instantly started crying,” Kinzle said. “I just hope it made them for just a moment happy with that amount of sadness.”

The server was also touched, since her heart was heavy as well. Miller said it had been a year to the day that she had also lost someone close to her.

“I knew that if I tried to tell her the story myself I would probably start crying like a baby,” Miller said as to why she wrote Kirsten the note.

The note and pay-it-forward story are a hit on Facebook, pulling in thousands of likes thus far.

“It really lets you see that there are truly, truly caring people out there now,” Kinzle’s sister said.

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