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SERS in blood just scratching the surface

The Pittcon conference will be held Mar. 2-6
The Pittcon conference will be held Mar. 2-6
Pittcon file photo

Brilliant young “woman in science” pioneer in blood research to speak at Pittcon 2014 in Chicago.

DALLAS (Feb. 4, 2014) – Blood scrubbing, nano-toxicity and the converging of therapeutics and diagnostics are just some of the topics to be highlighted during special sessions at the Pittcon Conference 2014. Regarding the merging of chemistry and nano-technology-from a scientific perspective, it is really possible to do very good analytical chemistry and complex media according to Prof. Christy Haynes from the University of Minnesota.

As esoteric and mysterious as many in the general public perceive research and technology to be, scientists are doing more than just speculating about combining these very important disciplines. “…we are trying to figure out how to exploit all of the basic scientific advances to benefit the general public…trying to figure out how to make nano-particles most beneficial and most safe for people and the environment.”

Dr. Haynes continues to provide extensive research on SERS in blood and Vibrational Spectroscopy. She and her colleagues from the University of Minnesota are also focusing on a project that may prove that nano-particles could have both therapeutic and diagnostic components and could essentially act like a “trojan horse” that could hide some kind of drug molecules and treat cancer…by being hidden in the particles.

Commemorating Women in Science month, Haynes spoke with host Colonel Mason by phone from the University of Minnesota as a guest on the ScienceNews Radio Network program, The Promise of Tomorrow . The program originates in Dallas, Texas, and can then be heard Webcast and archived for its world audience.

Mason asked Haynes what she envisioned five to fifteen years in the future for medical research. Hayes responded by saying “…that we see a lot more diversity among scientists that are participating in research at this level…specifically an increase in women.”

An international community of Scientists and science enthusiasts will network, exchange ideas, theories and solutions at Pittcon, the largest conference and expo of its kind. The convention will be held at McCormick Place - 2301 South Lake Shore Drive - Chicago, IL, on March 2nd through 6th 2014. Information and registration can be found at, by calling Toll-Free: 800-825-3221 or emailing General Information:

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