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SeroVital-hgh adds liquid concentrate version

SeroVital hgh Liquid Concentrate
SeroVital hgh Liquid Concentrate

The popular hgh booster supplement, SeroVital-hgh has added a new liquid version. The liquid version comes in a 30 day supply of individual 15 ounce bottles that you drink either in the morning or evening. Just like the pill version, you must leave a two hour window both before and after drinking the supplement of not eating. SeroVital-hgh does not contain human growth hormone, it just simply works to boost your body's own production. Called the youth hormone, HGH is a single chain peptide created in the pituitary gland. After release into the bloodstream, it travels throughout your body stimulating fat cell shrinkage, lean muscle growth, collagen production and other youth boosting characteristics.

A quick search of the internet will give you all kinds of glowing reviews on SeroVital-hgh, including this one on However, SeroVital is not a magic cure all. The company itself states that for the maximum effect you need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise. You can find SeroVital at stores like ULTA, GNC and At $99 for a 30 day supply, it is not cheap. The liquid version is only available at, but if you order either product on auto-delivery you get 20 percent off and free shipping every month.