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Why sexual predators & serial killers crave children

Santa Ana and OC residents were shocked when Samantha Runnion went missing.
Santa Ana and OC residents were shocked when Samantha Runnion went missing.
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

A sexual predator is a parent's worst nightmare, but what happens when they are also a psychopath? While you do your best to protect your children as best as you can, the sad fact is that most child molester's operate on the down low, because they are psychopaths. This is no excuse for their behavior, but in order to understand about their sick desires we will explore the different disorders associated with psychopathic serial killers and discuss what makes them behave the way they do. Understanding this subject will help us understand what psychological disorders drive these individuals to commit such heinous acts.

Sexual disorders defined

A person with a sexual disorder cannot function normally because they have uncontrollable urges they must feed. A true psychopath with a sexual disorder is the worst kind of predator because they must fulfill their fantasies in order to function and will often do whatever it takes to obtain their next victim. Pedophiles and sexual sadists in particular experience exaggerated sexual interests which interferes with their ability to function normally on a daily basis (Sexual disorders, 2014). Without treatment, these individuals will only get worse.

Serial killers who get sexual pleasure from harming others are sick and twisted; but there is a clinical reason for their madness. According to the DSM-IV, paraphilias is a condition when a person experiences sexual gratification or arousal from sexual fantasies (Sexual disorders, 2014). Child predators may be prone to frotteurism which is the arousal that occurs when they touch an un-consenting person or they could be pedophiles or sexual sadists; but no matter the sexual disorder, the world has a problem because this type of person has no remorse if they are a psychopath (Bartol & Bartol, 2008).


Pedophiles get aroused when they are engaged in sexual activity with children 13 years old and younger (Sexual disorders, 2014). This disorder is usually the result of prior sexual abuse (Sexual disorders, 2014). It can affect children starting in early childhood; but an actual diagnosis cannot be made until a person is 16 years old (Sexual disorders, 2014). A clinical view of pedophiles shows that they feel inadequate with people their own age, so they turn their attention and strong sexual urges to younger children (Sexual disorders, 2014). Unfortunately the pleasure taken from the urge to control and harm a child is often so intoxicating that these individuals find they cannot stop.

Sexual sadist

Sexual sadist are said to have been exposed as children to some sort of trauma or abuse in childhood (Sexual disorders, 2014). The sexual sadist has intense urges, behaviors and fantasies and will become extremely aroused by causing physical suffering or humiliation to another person (Sexual disorders, 2014). Serial killers who are sexual sadists not only act out because they lack empathy and caring, but they also become sexually excited each time they rape, torture or kill their victim (Sexual disorders, 2014). Unfortunately, a serial killer gets rewarded each time they commit a heinous act so the chances of them stopping is slim to none as long as they are feeding their desires.

Unfortunately, serial killers lack empathy and remorse, go against society's norms and act out impulsively. When a serial killer also has a sexual disorder they are driven by their urges and must feed them in order to function. Many of us know from personal experience that a sexual predator could be a family member, friend or neighbor and we can never be too careful keeping our children safe.

If you live in Santa Ana or elsewhere and you notice that something is not right with your child, take them aside and ask them what happened. Let them know they are safe and that you will make sure they are protected. I know this is a very serious subject, but the only way we can protect our loved ones is if we learn and accept the fact that sexual predators actually have a clinical disorder in which they cannot control without treatment. Now is the time to speak up to make sure that everyone involved gets the proper treatment before things get worse.

The best thing you can do if you live in Santa Ana or elsewhere is to be aware of the signs within your close friend and family circle and to encourage others to seek treatment especially teenagers. If you or your loved one has been the victim of sexual abuse or if you suspect it, visit the National Center for Victims of Crime for help and services on what you should do

As always thank you for your visit today. Feel free to leave a comment to tell us how you feel about this controversial subject. While it is not a nice thing to talk about, it is necessary in order to keep our children protected.


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