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Serial Killers & Awareness

Welcome to the Santa Ana Serial killer Examiner column. This article series is meant to provide insight into the minds and lives of serial killers. We will be looking at what makes them tick, as well as explore what behavioral signs to beware of as you go about your daily life.

Many people interested in serial killers will watch TV shows in which they will learn about the FBI's criminal profiling techniques which may or may not be accurate. Unfortunately many TV shows are not able to cover the full depth of the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit's true role in capturing serial killers. In this column, we will explore the many resources available to help catch a killer. To keep yourself informed about the FBI's current most wanted list visit, Be sure to sign up for email or Facebook updates.

The sad thing is, there are many serial killers still on the loose, so unless you educate yourself about serial killer safety, you too could become a victim. By not being aware of who is at large you too could be living next to a monster. Keep in mind that the serial killer has not been caught and even those on the FBI's most wanted list suspected of killing one person may have actually killed much more. You will have no idea who they are until you recognize the warning signs which we will cover in a future article.

As a forensic psychology graduate and with two Criminal Justice degrees, my goal in exploring this subject is not only going to provide education to the public on safety, but will also include a thorough analysis of the many notorious serial killers so that we can explore the different types. This exploration will help debunk some of the myths associated with serial killers shown on popular TV shows.

Anyone who is interested in the subject of serial killers will be able to discuss their opinions on some of the topics we will cover to help raise awareness to keep family's safe and children free from developing maladaptive behaviors that could lead to early warning signs of a killer. Ultimately, this column is meant to educate the public about serial killers in general, so if you are a resident of Santa Ana or elsewhere, be sure to subscribe to keep yourself informed about this very important subject.