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Sergio Garcia's ball hits woman's hand: Knocks her diamond into the rough

Sergio Garcia's ball knocks out diamond from woman's ring, it lands in the rough!
Sergio Garcia's ball knocks out diamond from woman's ring, it lands in the rough!
Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Sergio Garcia had a real diamond in the rough incident at the WGC Bridgestone Invitational Sunday afternoon, which is something the Monday morning news shows are giving air time. Sergio Garcia’s ball hit a woman’s diamond ring on her hand causing the diamond to fall out of its setting and into the rough along the golf course, according to Fox News live on Monday morning August 4.

While tradition dictates that a golfer hands a fan a signed ball or glove when they are accidentally hit with a ball during a tournament, this didn’t seem hardly enough for her major loss of a diamond. Sergio could be heard on the air asking his entourage to get the woman’s contact information, reports ESPN Golf News on August 3.

This came after Sergio took some time to help the woman search the rough for her stone, to no avail. With a tournament to complete, he had to leave her and the other spectators who had joined in on the hunt to find the rock.

As the tournament continued, Sergio got word that the woman did find her diamond in the rough and all is well. That was one freak shot for sure. At the time the ball hit the woman’s diamond, Sergio had come to the hole with a three-shot lead.

After the unfortunate incident of the lost diamond, his lead dropped down to one. Sergio’s partner, Rory McIlroy, who is on one hot streak of golf these days, birdied the first two holes in the final round.

After the diamond incident, it seemed Sergio lost his mojo and missed the third green with his approach shot. He ended up making a boogie. McIlroy made birdie and with a 14, he became the outright leader with Sergio one shot behind him.

The Belfast Telegraph reports today that Sergio and McIlroy went head-to-head on the golf course Sunday. McIlroy emerges the winner but it went down to the wire.

That was one rough afternoon for Sergio, but his diamond shot was certainly awarded a lot of air time on the Monday morning news shows!

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