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Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose try their hand at Hack Golf's 15-inch cups

TaylorMade brought Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose to Reynolds Plantation for a Hack Golf event
TaylorMade brought Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose to Reynolds Plantation for a Hack Golf event

The Monday after the Masters in Georgia.

A time to decompress from eight or nine days of activities and stress surrounding the first major of the year.

If you were Sergio Garcia or Justin Rose this week, it was a chance to play golf on a course with 15-inch cups for nine holes.


Yep, two of the best and most well known golfers in the world teed it up on April 14, with a select group on media members at Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, GA for an event that basically was a "smilefest."

It was the brainchild of TaylorMade CEO, Mark King as part of his Hack Golf initiative. King is focused on bringing new people to the sport of golf and he's willing to entertain radical ideas to jump start a sport that has been losing golfers over the last decade.

The 15-inch cups are one of the ideas Hack Golf is getting behind and bringing Garcia and Rose to the Lake Oconee resort added some credibility to his ideas.

King has a sense of humor and he opened the day giving Garcia and Rose a hard time for not winning the Masters.
“Based on their finishes this past weekend,” King said in jest. “Maybe they need the 15-inch cup.”

Garcia and Rose took seats right with the media to hear about this bold new idea.

Ted Bishop of the PGA of America is also on board with King's vision as he owns golf courses that he want to fill with new golfers.

Garcia and Rose had big smiles on their faces the entire day and with the large pizza-sized cups Garcia shot a 30 and Rose a 33.

I thought they would shoot lower, but as I also played the cups, there is an adjustment when it comes to putting.

Namely, you can go for the puts. It's a lot of fun, once you kind of figure it out.

It's all about growing the game of golf.

"I think it (the game) has changed," explained Garcia. "We've seen throughout the years the technology has changed; I think it's simpler than that. We love promoting the game and want the game to grow. When you see the numbers decreasing, you start to worry. For me this is something that can help keep the game strong."

Rose says it gives the sport a facelift in a positive way.

"A couple times I hit poor tee shots," added Rose. "In normal golf, you would try to figure out the best way to save par, and my mindset changed to... if I can get this up around the green, I can still make birdie."

King says that a package will be put together to sell the concept of the 15-inch cups to facilities across the country.

But the best salespeople will be the people that play the large cups and have a blast putting and chipping.

"If anyone want's any putting tips on (the 15-inch cups), I'm the one," said King at the post-round Q & A. "The perfect putt on the normal cup goes 18 inches by; and the perfect on the big cup is 17 or 18 feet by."

Like I said, and judging from Sergio's and Justin's reactions from the day, it's fun!

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