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Serenity Sunset of the Texas Hill Country

Cliff Cavin, Texas landscape, impressionism, painting
Courtesy of the artist

Serenity Sunset by Cliff Cavin delivers a signature landscape with a gorgeous sky. It is a jaundiced skyline, full of twilight jester; that laughs at us as we struggle to hold onto the dying dog days of summer. The billowing heliotrope and wine colored haze veil the sun’s rays. Foreground, middle, horizon, and the firmament of the sky anchor the perfect composition for Cavin as his artistic intention is revealed.

No longer concerned about detailed landscape perfection, Cavin is a purist, dedicated to the capturing of light, of atmosphere, of sub-stratospheric heavens. This painterly alchemy and impressionistic rendition captures this ideal moment in time. Placing the horizon-line directly center of the picture plane, the configuration plays neither favorites to land nor the sky; balancing the importance of the artist’s view. The silhouetted mountain range transforms into a strip of neutral value and tone easing the transition between the earthly divisions.

Minimally painting the underbrush, Cavin showcases only the highlights of the radiance from behind the peaks; leaving much to our own emotions as we emerge ourselves in the tranquil night arrival.

-Gabriel Diego Delgado

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