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Serene Yacht: Megayacht owner finds safe harbor in U.S.

Serene Yacht: Megayacht owner finds safe harbor in U.S..
Serene Yacht: Megayacht owner finds safe harbor in U.S..
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Serene Yacht has been sighted recently in numerous places around the United States. It's Russian owner, Yuri Scheffler, is the magnate behind Stolichnaya brand. According to CNBC on Mar. 12, the oligarch is seeking safe harbor from Vladimir Putin.

There is only one law in Russia, and it's called 'Putin.'

The Serene Yacht owner has battled with Putin before. As recently as 2003 the Russian government issued a warrant for his arrest when he refused to turn over his company. Since then it has been relocated to Luxemburg and Scheffler is now a British citizen.

Scheffler now spends much of his time travelling the world. Currently the Serene yacht is docked just off midtown Manhattan. It has been spotted recently in several ports around the U.S. coastline. Last August it docked in Seattle after spending some time in Vancouver, Canada.

The Serene Yacht is one of the largest in the world. It measures 439.3 feet long. It has five levels, two helipads and multiple pools on board. It can easily accommodate 24 guests and 52 crewmemebers as well. The yacht flies the flag of the Grand Cayman Islands.

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