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Serendipity brings yoga and music to Indy

Just a few weeks until the largest yoga and music festival in the Midwest comes in central Indiana. This exciting event will kick off its inaugural event in Cloverdale Indiana at the Serendipity Retreat Center April 26th, 27th and 28th. The consciousness community of the Midwest has been growing steadily as more and more people embrace a more holistic approach to health. Over the past few years, Indianapolis has seen more festivals like the Body Mind Spirit Expo and other large scale wellness events. However, most of these events are the usual walk up and down rows of tables with oversize billboards precariously perched atop the table and a lone desperate looking person hoping to make a connection with you. If something doesn't catch our eye, we pass right by and may miss a great resource. Serendipity Festival is a whole new way to connect with health and wellness through yoga. Never before has Indiana seen a gathering like this. Monica Tunnell, the co-creator of the festival and Indianapolis resident likens this event to festivals traditionally found on the west coast such as Bhakti Fest and Wanderlust. “It’s the perfect time to bring this type of event to the midwest..”

Join Julia Buterfly Hill, MC Yogi, Tina Malia and Dave Stringer (photos left to right) for the 2013 Serendipity Festival!
Join Julia Buterfly Hill, MC Yogi, Tina Malia and Dave Stringer (photos left to right) for the 2013 Serendipity Festival!
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The three day experience is a blend of music to feed the soul, yoga and wellness workshops, keynotes from those who literally wrote the books on yoga and living your life to the fullest. This hands on and more connected approach makes a far more dramatic effect on the lives of those who attend. The event brings the best of the best from the local yoga community with over 50 local yoga studios participating and workshops offered by Indy’s masters like Dave Sims, Marsha Pappas, Heather Leo and so many more. Our local flare is tempered with Master teachers coming in from all over the country like Karuna Erikson, Mas Vidal and Dearbhla Kelly . Combine with the amazing musicians From the likes of Tina Malia, MC Yogi, Carrie Newcomer, you can’t help but catch the vibe just walking onto the property. Filling your body and souls is only part of the event. Speakers will conduct ongoing workshops throughout the festival talking about healthy living, yoga, mindfulness, dance and connecting with nature. Julia Butterfly Hill will lead the lineup of experts and authors giving you the tools to live a healthy life inside and out. Connect and learn from with the experts in a hands on way and not from bleachers or from behind a podium. What more can be packed into 3 days? Food!!! Indy is known for food trucks on the circle and what event would be complete without food trucks for delicious local food!! And of course shopping in the ever expanding vendor village! There will be three areas to meet and connect with local and national healers, body workers, retailers and artisans to help you renew and rejuvenate. Want to be a part of the Vendor Village, Insightful Path or Healing Way? Get the details on the Serendipity Website.

Indianapolis has so much to offer the consciousness community; this festival is helping to bring it all together. It is being brought to life by Serendipity Events and JourneysFire Productions, home gown consciousness based companies with heart. Richard Brendan, local Radio host and festival co-founder describes the festival as not only aiming to raise awareness through spreading a vibration of joy, but also to raise money for charitable organizations and non-profits who are in alignment with this purpose...Love in Action. Love it! Organizers anticipate a large crowd for the event making it one of the largest festivals in Indiana. Music starts on Friday the 26th and with 3 stages going all day long along with workshops, demos and clinics, there is a ton to keep anyone fulfilled. For those traveling from out of town, camping and hotels are available close by. Information regarding accommodations and schedule can be found on the website. Tickets are now on sale through the Serendipity Site. Prices may seem steep but if you think how much you would pay for even a one day clinic with some of these instructors, it’s a steal! You get to experience the best of the best all in one place! Volunteer opportunities are also available. Come renew, dance, sing, release and connect at the 2013 Serendipity Festival!