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Serenbe Organic Farm hosts Tomato 101 Class this Sunday

Tomato Workshop this weekend at Serenbe Farms

I've been recieving emails weekly since my last visit to Palmetto Georgia's Serenbe Farms. As I was scrolling through the details of this weekend's events, something caught my eye.

A Tomato cooking class will coincide with this weekend's events at Serenbe farms, including the weekly Farmer's Market. As we are currently in tomato season here in Georgia, and many of our patio plants are starting to offer the great fruit, it seems like the best time to head to Serenbe for a little demo.

My biggest question, "How to make the perfect tomato sauce?" I've run into my own problems with the time consuming task over the years.

Also, this weekend Serenbe Farms will also be hosting a Cheese and Wine reception at the Bilt-house, to  celebrate the opening of David Widmer's exhibition.

Harris & Clark Food School offers class on  "Tomatoes."  Sunday July 19, 2009. Call for details:  770.463.6000.