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Serena Williams struggles in match and spiritual requirements

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Serena Williams’ bid to become Wimbledon champ for an 8th time has ended; according to a June 28 article in Fox News. Williams lost in the 3rd round to Alize Cornet of France 1-6, 6-3, 6-4. Williams, who has won 17 Grand Slam Titles, hinted that the competition is always at its best when pitted against her, and forces her to always be at hers'.

There is a parable in the Holy Bible that speaks to expectation. It speaks to the expectation of those who have. The scripture/parable does not differentiate. It is applicable to those who have great wealth, are in excellent health, or in Serena’s case; an overabundance of talent. The scripture simply states that “of whom much is given; much will be required.”

One Christian encouraged Serena to look to “her Bible” for answers. ”The story of Job is one that speaks to all of us. It is the story of someone who had plenty; but lost it all. Serena has to face certain facts. She is quite possibly the greatest female tennis player of all time. People get excited about the opportunity to play against her, and want to play their best against the best. She should consider it an honor.”

Williams still trails Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova; who both have won 18 Grand Slams. She has not been knocked out of Wimbledon this early since 2005.

Some athletes struggle with the notion that, when they are on top of their game, they become the hunted. The great athletes and teams rise to the challenge; the good ones struggle and sometimes implode. Christians sometimes struggle with the concept that people view them as “holier than thou,” and seek to catch them in the wrong. Is there any comparison between the daily struggles of the Christian walk and that of the modern day athlete?

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Source: Fox Sports