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AP Photo/David Longstreath

Seraphim is a well written short story by Gaye Jee. The story begins with amazing imagery of the streets of Prague then quickly delves in to the plot. Jakub is chasing his wife around Prague. The beginning of the story makes it unclear if his wife is a ghost or if she is really there. His daughter, Katerina, secretly follows him then runs home before he sees her. The story reveals that Katerina’s mother has a secret. Katerina has not spoken since she was two years old.

Jakub is suspicious about his wife’s activities and he catches her one day. What happens when his wife’s secret is exposed? How does Jakub react?

Katerina misses her mother. Jakub misses the money his wife used to make and both are pushed towards a fateful decision. Jakub takes Katerina out to panhandle for money and Katerina ends up exactly where she wants to be.

The plot twist is surprising and a bit disturbing, but something about the ending leaves the reader with a particular image seared in their memory and any story that can produce an unforgettable image is worthy of being read. Read Seraphim.

And as a tidbit: Seraphim is the plural of seraph. A seraph is an angel.