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Sequins are a fashion sensation

Lovely ladies, homely ladies and youngsters alike, adorn themselves with sequin fashions year round. Clothes can be either entirely embellished with sewn-in sequins, as in many contemporary dresses; or, sequins may be simply sewn on as a decorative border.

Formal occasions call for a gorgeous one-shoulder sequin dress like this one, available at Macy's.
Riya Aarini
Sequin tank paired with cardigan
Riya Aarini

Common items are spring/summer sequin-embellished tank tops that you’ll find in swanky shops these days. White tank tops with a metallic, sequin neckline are cool to wear in the heat and look pretty hot in a summer breeze. A white sequined tank, paired with dark-washed skinny jeans, gives the look a touch of elegance.

Holiday party goers often strut sequins in shoes and dresses—it’s recommended you don’t do both together (even Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz wore just red sequined shoes). Perhaps you’ve seen an acquaintance heat up the dance floor in gold sequin shoes. The disco lights bounced off her heels, giving her a really unique presence. Or, your best friend, perhaps, showed up at a holiday party in a silver, metallic dress that made the lights seem to gravitate toward her; blinding some people, she nevertheless looked smashing!

Stores sell shirts with sequins sewn in the entire front and back to give it a more dressy appeal. Always try on the sequined shirts prior to purchase, because, considering the overload of sequins and the fit, your look may end of looking like fancy fish scales.

Sequins embellish jewelry, scarves, tops and tanks, skirts and shoes. Made of plastic, sequins come in a wide range of colors, from metallic tones, like gold, silver and copper, to basic colors, like blue, white and green.

Just don’t go through airport security in metallic sequins—no, just kidding. Sequins are made of plastic, even the metallic tones! So feel free to travel the world in sequin tops, scarves, dresses and shoes, and be a fashion star!

Did You Know?

Gold sequins were a fashion hit way back in 2500 B.C. in the Indus Valley. Can you imagine our ancestors having that much fashion sense?


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