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Sequin ballet flats less than $15

Target Ballet Flats
Target Ballet Flats
D Faber

Okay, so loosely paraphrased from Dolly Parton on Steel Magnolias, .."I wear an 8 but an 8 1/2 feels so good I buy a 9"....

Well run out to Target and get your size before they are all gone.  Yes, sequin ballet flats for $12.99.   You just can't beat that.  While I was there I picked up, as you can see in my photo, floral ballet flats, on sale $9.87.  Now these are just fun running around shoes for summer.  Don't try and have these babies last forever, not at that price.  But hey,  I am not a sandal girl, I love flats all the time, all year and these are perfect for summer. 

This is definitely a find.