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Sequestration taking grants from children of our fallen

A child attending TAPS is looking at the wall of all lost service members
A child attending TAPS is looking at the wall of all lost service members

In today’s economy where many struggle to send their children to college in dual income households, surviving spouses of our fallen are doing it alone. For many children whose parent died fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan college scholarships and grants are a must for them to further their education. The reliance on Iraq and Afghanistan War Grants is immense and now with the sequestration they are being cut.

The war in Iraq officially ended in December 2011 however these grants were not only for recent casualties. Children whose parents had been killed earlier in the war, when they were still very young are now college age and looking to that as a means for higher education. Children of the fallen are still eligible to utilize the GI Bill or Post 911 GI Bill if their active duty parent or spouse hadn’t depleted it yet.

The Iraq and Afghanistan War Grant that have already been established are safe, but as of March 1, the dollar amount for each new grant is being reduced by 37.8 percent from what a student would have received last year. Meaning that young adults applying for a first time grant will receive up to $2,133.81.

The importance of what these children have lost is falling on deaf ears as evident in taking away from them something so big. They have already lost a parent defending this nation and it’s government so why is the government taking more from them?