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September to-do list

September's to-do list
September's to-do list
Shawna Kennedy

In Fresno, September still holds summer's warmth, but without the intensity of August or July; and the expectation October's cooler weather is just around the corner.

In the garden, September is a time to enjoy the last of the summer fruit, vegetables and flowers before getting ready autumn.


  • Plant fall and winter blooming perennials and annuals. Keep in mind, your annuals will bloom until we get a few hard frosts.
  • Prune summer flowering shrubs such as hydrangea as soon as they're done flowering. This will assure you don't prune away next year's flowers.
  • Fall bulb catalogs! They're piling up in the mail box. Whether you buy them from a magazine, online or through your local garden store, now is the time to decide what kind of flowers you'd like next spring.
  • Clean up and trim overgrown shrubs and plants.
  • Sow cool weather vegetables such as broccoli, carrots and other root vegetables.
  • Do not fertilize your roses or other perennial plants. Even though they're probably still flowering, fertilizing now will produce an extra burst of new growth when they should prepare for winter's dormancy period.
  • Harvest any late vegetables.
  • Make sure to remove all fruit from late summer bearing fruit trees such as peach and plum to avoid fungus growth and other diseases.


  • Nancy J. 4 years ago

    Informative and helpful! I didn't realize you had to pull the fruit from the late fruit bearers. What annuals besides pansies will tolerate the cold? I actually had some pansies that wintered over under my carport last year. I planted them late in the year (when they turned up on the bargain rack at my local grocery store), and they stayed green but didn't bloom again until it warmed up in late winter. I was amazed and delighted.

  • Profile picture of Sue Langley
    Sue Langley 4 years ago

    Hi Shawna, Great article! I've turned off my drip system and have gone back to hand watering because it's gotten so cool up here this September. I'm making out my fall planting list.

    Did you know about the Harvest and Peace Festival at Intermountain Nursery on Oct 9 & 10? A must for any gardener if you can make it.

    Sue Langley

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