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September is just around the corner, bringing changes at Shojo

In the heart of Chinatown, Shojo celebrates 2nd anniversary
Foodservice East, Susan Holaday

Summer's coming to an end, but late August and early fall bring exciting events to Boston. At Shojo in Chinatown, the restaurant, celebrating its second anniversary, is planning to extends its hour and ramp up late night menu with items such as a Son of Shojonator Burger: Kimchi Velveeta, Bacon, Double Beef Pattie, Black Sesame Seed Bao ($5); and Sapporo Soaked Ma Po Dog: Bao Dog Bun, Ma Po Tofu (beef), Beef Frank ($5), and others.

The restaurant repaints its mural each year on its anniverary to offer fresh artwork, and this year's version depcits Shojo in a dream world in Boston, taking over the city one landmark at a time, from the Citgo sign, the Pru, John Hancock Tower, the Zakim bridge and others. The mural was created by Alec Strickland.

Owner Brian Moy recently named a new executive chef who'll be making menu changes at the Asian bar and bistro. Mark O'Leary, who's worked at O Ya and jm Curley, was co-founder of Guchi's Midnight Ramen and recently was a winner of Best Pop Up for The Future of Junk Food pop up dinners woth Samuel Monsour, joins the restaurant staff.

O"Leary worked with the Shojo team at a pop up dnner with a Jewish/Asian twist earlier this year. “I’m really excited to join the Shōjō team and be a part of one of the best restaurants in Boston,” says O’Leary. “They’ve been doing such fun stuff here for the last two years and they’re excited to have me merge my ideas and style into what they have here and are really encouraging me to do so.”

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