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September 2014 gardening in Tulsa

Fall Mums
Fall Mums
R A Rose

There are just a few calendar weeks left of summer making it time to get ready for autumn gardening.

Chrysanthemums are the traditional fall flower to plant. They make a nice transition from summer plants which are starting to wind down. Mums can be planted in borders, mass plantings or containers. Plant them in full sun and keep moist but not soggy. Mums are perennials in this area. Just cut them back after they bloom and mulch well. The next year pinch back in spring through mid-summer to make them bushier with more blooms.

Other good fall perennials to plant now include asters, Japanese anemones, salvias and sedums. Place them at the same depth as they were in their containers and water well until they are rooted and established.

Some perennials, such as coneflowers, garden phlox and foxgloves, can be dug up and divided. Do this soon enough to give the roots time to get established before winter weather sets in.

Prune shrub roses back 6 to 12 inches at the tips. This will promote new growth and give you more blooms next month. Fertilize roses for the last time this season to avoid tender growth being damaged by freezing temperatures.

Warm-season lawns need to be fertilized one more time to help them survive the winter and to turn green earlier next spring. Cool-season grasses are just now coming into their own and should also be fertilized. Buy a good food and apply at the recommended rate on the label.

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