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September 2014 Book Releases

1) Personal (Jack Reacher Series) - Lee Child. Not to be confused with the late great Leee Black Childers, the manager of Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers. The books are good but Tom Cruise sucked big time in the film.

2) Danger Down The Nile - James Patterson. I know I've read some of his books but I can never recall which ones.

3) What I Know For Sure - Oprah Winfrey. She knows she's rich. Probably doesn't know how annoying she is. Everything is all about her. How else could that Gayle broad gotten a gig on GMA or the Today show or whatever the hell that show is?

4) Gus & Me: The Story Of My Granddad And My First Guitar - Keith Richards. Yup, that Keef. I really don't believe he wrote this. It's a kid book written by a junkie. Next up is 'The Same Drum Beat' by Charlie Watts.

5) Edge Of Eternity: Book Three of the Century Trilogy - Ken Follet. He's cool but I've not read this series. I always confuse him with Jack Higgins for some reason, but I know I've read some of his books.

6) Underwater Puppies - Seth Casteel. It has pictures of puppies swimming. That is all that matters.

7) I Am Albert Einstein - Brad Meltzer. A neat little kid's book by the best selling author of ..... books I can't remember but know I've read. Also, Brad had a show on the History Channel back when the History Channel had shows about history.

8) Hyena - Jude Angelini. Never heard of him or her. But every time I see or hear the word 'hyena' I think of the song by Rancid.

9) Burn (Michael Bennet Series #7) - James Patterson. I've no clue about this series. Patterson seems to push out a lot of stuff though. Kind of like that Duggar woman and her 20 kids.

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