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September 2, 2014 DVD: 'New Girl: The Complete Third Season'

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From Elizabeth Meriwether, the screenwriter of No Strings Attached, comes the Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated FOX television sitcom New Girl: The Complete Third Season about friends, flings and modern relationships. In the brilliantly funny and game-changing third season, Jess and Nick run off to Mexico for a romantic getaway after Cece’s wedding. However, Nick ends up in trouble with the local authorities. Upon their return, they realize their “all-in” romance is tougher than they thought as they love and live together. Meanwhile Schmidt finds himself in double trouble when he dates Cece and Elizabeth at the same time and has a hard time choosing between the two. Unlucky-in-love Winston finally makes a special connection… too bad it is not with someone, but with the roommates’ new house cat. Meanwhile Coach returns expecting things to be exactly the same as they were when he moved out. A Thanksgiving adventure turns the guys into turkeys and Jess and Cece get invited to a party at music superstar Prince’s mansion. In the season finale, the gang goes on a cruise and Coach must deal with his fear of boats, Schmidt tries to win Cece back after hurting her and Winston tries to help Jesse and Nick reconcile after their relationship hits a new low.

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Season Three stars Zooey Deschanel as Jessica "Jess" Day, Jake Johnson as Nick Miller, Max Greenfield as Schmidt, Lamorne Morris as Winston Bishop, Hannah Simone as Cecilia "Cece" Parekh and Damon Wayans, Jr. as Ernie "Coach."

Special features include deleted and extended scenes, a gag reel, “Drop That Name” featurette and “The Happy Hook-up Heartbreak Guide to New Girl."

New Girl: Season 4 premieres on FOX on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 9/8c.


  1. “All In” - The sitcom's third season opens with Jess and Nick impulsively heading to a Mexican beach town, but their romantic getaway is threatened when Nick runs into trouble with the authorities. Meanwhile, Schmidt must choose between Cece and Elizabeth; and Winston is obsessed with finishing a puzzle.
  2. “Nerd” - Jess asks Nick for advice on how to deal with a group of catty teachers at her new school. Elsewhere, Schmidt suffers through an office party; and Winston seeks revenge on Daisy, who he suspects is cheating on him.
  3. “Double Date” - Jess and Nick invite Schmidt and Cece out on a double date. Meanwhile, Nick's loyalties are challenged when he discovers a secret; and Winston tries to get the group a table at an exclusive restaurant.
  4. “The Captain” - Schmidt tries to break up Jess and Nick. Elsewhere, Winston takes his cat out for a night of debauchery before it has to be neutered.
  5. “The Box” - Nick receives an inheritance from his late father, and Jess surreptitiously attempts to apply the funds to Nick's unpaid bills. Elsewhere, Schmidt searches for the meaning of life and turns to a rabbi (Jon Lovitz) for advice.
  6. “Keaton” - Jess throws a Halloween party and teams up with Nick and Winston to cheer up a gloomy Schmidt by pretending to be his childhood hero, Michael Keaton. However, Schmidt ends up making a decision that could affect all of them.
  7. “Coach” - Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.) returns to the loft and expects things to be exactly the same as they were when he moved out. Elsewhere, Jess and Cece meet an attractive man (Taye Diggs) during a girls' night out.
  8. “Menus” - The roommates embark on a series of adventures after a large number of Chinese-takeout menus are left at their front door.
  9. “Longest Night Ever” - Winston re-enters the dating world with Nick's help. Elsewhere, Jess keeps Schmidt company while Coach and Cece go out on a date.
  10. “Thanksgiving III” - During a Thanksgiving camping trip, Coach and Schmidt compete to be the best woodsman while Cece and Winston share a dislike of the outdoors.
  11. “Clavado En Un Bar” - Jess faces an urgent decision about whether she should abandon teaching and take a new job instead, and her dilemma inspires the friends to recall how they all ended up in their current professions.
  12. “Basketsball” - Jess tries to improve her friendship with Coach, but Nick takes issue when the two of them bond over a basketball team he dislikes. Elsewhere, Schmidt mentors an older hire at work; and Winston explores a new career.
  13. “Birthday” - As Jess' birthday approaches, Nick plans to throw her the perfect party. Meanwhile, Schmidt helps Cece acclimate to her new bartending job; and Winston and Coach compete in a bake-off.
  14. “Prince” - Jess and Cece are invited to a party at the mansion of music superstar Prince (playing himself), and the guys come up with a scheme to crash the gathering. Appearing: supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio and Ana Beatriz Barros; MLB player Clayton Kershaw.
  15. “Exes” - Nick runs into his ex Caroline, and Jess encourages him to be friends with her by introducing him to one of her exes. Meanwhile, things go awry when Coach uses Schmidt's loft to impress his date.
  16. “Sister” - Chaos reigns at the loft when Jess' unpredictable sister (Linda Cardellini) visits. Meanwhile, Schmidt plans to crash a bar mitzvah and persuades Nick to accompany him; and Winston throws a dinner party.
  17. “Sister II” - Abby (Linda Cardellini) develops an interest in one of the guys and decides to stay in Los Angeles, much to Jess' dismay. Meanwhile, Winston puts off checking his LAPD entrance-exam results.
  18. “Sister III” - Jess moves into Nick's bedroom, but the cramped living quarters soon cause personal-space issues. Meanwhile, Cece suspects Abby is taking advantage of Schmidt; Coach thinks Cece is treating him like one of her girlfriends; and Winston tries to get fit.
  19. “Fired Up” - Jess hires Coach to mentor the volleyball team at her school, but she must fire him soon after. Elsewhere, Schmidt is hit with a lawsuit and asks Nick and Winston to represent him at the deposition; and Cece is pursued by a much younger man.
  20. “Mars Landing” - Jess and Nick examine their relationship. Meanwhile, Schmidt, Coach and Winston try to impress their attractive new neighbors; and Cece sends a drunk text.
  21. “Big News” - Jess and Nick struggle to keep their breakup a secret from the other loft mates. Meanwhile, Winston passes the police-academy entrance exam and asks the group to throw a party in his honor.
  22. “Dance” - Jess is tasked to organize her first middle-school dance but thinks someone is trying to sabotage her efforts, so she asks the guys to chaperone at the event.
  23. “Cruise” - Season 3 ends with the gang embarking on a cruise that Jess and Nick booked while they were still dating. During the trip, Coach deals with his fear of boats; Schmidt tries to get Cece back; and Winston attempts to reconcile Jess and Nick.


  • Zooey Deschanel as Jessica "Jess" Day
  • Jake Johnson as Nick Miller
  • Max Greenfield as Schmidt
  • Lamorne Morris as Winston Bishop
  • Hannah Simone as Cecilia "Cece" Parekh
  • Damon Wayans, Jr. as Ernie "Coach"

Special Features:

  • Deleted Scenes and Extended Scenes
  • The Happy Hook-up Heartbreak Guide to New Girl
  • Drop That Name
  • Gag Reel

Best Deals:

  • Best Buy - Save 15% when you purchase 2 or save 25% when you purchase 3 TV titles $14.99 and up. Offer valid 8/10/14 - 9/27/14.

Best Prices:

DVD - $14.99 at, Best Buy, $19.96 at, $24.99 at Target



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