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September 2, 2014 DVD: 'Chicago Fire: Season Two'

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From Primetime Emmy Award-winning executive producer Dick Wolf of Law & Order comes NBC’s high-octane drama series Chicago Fire: Season Two. The sophomore season gives an edge-of-your-seat view into the lives of everyday heroes committed to one of America's noblest professions. For the firefighters, rescue squad and paramedics of Chicago Firehouse 51, no occupation is more stressful or dangerous, yet so rewarding and exhilarating. These courageous men and women are among the elite who forge headfirst into danger when everyone else is running the other way. When not plunging into roaring infernos, they are putting out personal fires. However, there are more than just flames to put out when the station lands on the short list for a shutdown due to budget cuts. In the season finale, the team are sent on a rescue mission they may not be equipped to handle, putting their lives in harm’s way.

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Season Two’s smoldering cast includes Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Monica Raymund, Lauren German, Charlie Barnett, Eamonn Walker, David Eigenberg, Teri Reeves, Yuri Sardarov, Joe Minoso and Christian Stolte.

Special features include behind the scenes, “I Am a Firefighter” digital series, Chicago P.D. pilot episode “Stepping Stone” and Chicago P.D. crossover episode “8:30 PM.”

Chicago Fire: Season 3 premieres on NBC on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 at 10/9c.


  1. “A Problem House” - An arsonist targets Lt. Severide. Meanwhile, Station 51 is under scrutiny by Gail McLeod, a consultant with the State Marshal’s office who is deciding if any firehouses should be closed. Mouch receives a visit from his Japanese girlfriend, Lt. Casey reflects on the one-year anniversary of Andy's death, and Shay has suspicions about Severide's paternity.
  2. “Prove It” - In the wake of Heather's incident, Lt. Casey is having a hard time handling his newfound responsibilities. Lt. Severide is on edge dreading the next attack from the firehouse's arsonist. Meanwhile, with Renee back from her mother's, Severide knows he has to confront her about his paternity suspicions. Elsewhere, Mouch begins his campaign for union president and Shay and Dawson feel that they need to get out more.
  3. “Defcon 1” - Severide tries to prove his suspicions about the arsonist's identity, while Casey gets accustomed to his new lifestyle. Molly's bar is in difficulties, Dawson goes on a date with a regular from the bar, and Mouch is on the campaign trail.
  4. “A Nuisance Call” - Lt. Severide is anxious to implicate the serial arsonist, while Dawson and Shay get a shock on a routine call. Meanwhile, suspicions continue to point to Clarke as the mole inside the firehouse and Molly’s falls deeper into the red. Elsewhere, Mouch campaigns for union president, with the aid of Isabella, and Boden butts heads with Gail McLeod.
  5. “A Power Move” - Boden’s future with Firehouse 51 is on the line and McLeod keeps on him about his past wrongdoings, pushing him toward an early retirement. With Boden considering his options, McLeod calls on an unlikely candidate to potentially replace him as Chief. Meanwhile, it becomes clearer who the mole inside the firehouse is and everyone takes measures to make their disdain for him known. Meanwhile, Shay’s social life is in full bloom and Arthur continues to take money from the struggling Molly’s.
  6. “Joyriding” - While out on a jog, Severide comes across a secluded and empty construction site where he encounters a young boy who has been trapped in a backhoe loader and is in dire need of assistance. Boden and McLeod continue to butt heads about the future of the firehouse and Boden breaks news about his future to Casey. Meanwhile, it's election day for the union presidency and Mouch and Greg Sullivan have a debate on Otis' podcast. With rival bar Game Day's future in peril, the finger is being pointed at Molly's.
  7. “No Regrets” - When a tanker collides into a commuter train that subsequently crashes into a warehouse, the firehouse is called to the horrific scene that tests everyone to the limits as life and death hangs in the balance. With the ultimatum in place for him or the firehouse, Boden is tasked with making life-changing decisions regarding his future. Severide learns more about Katie, the young woman he saw with his father. Meanwhile, Shay and Dawson are still at odds and Casey’s responsibility of being a surrogate father takes a sharp turn.
  8. “Rhymes with Shout” - When the shooting of a young girl happens in their neighborhood, Cruz and his brother, Leon are forced to think about the gang they have tried to escape. The battle between Chief Boden and McLeod continues to escalate and Isabella convinces Mills to dress up for a fancy gala. Meanwhile, Lt. Casey is sad Dawson won't be coming by as much now that his parental duties are over, Shay is fed up with the firehouse and digs in deeper with Devon and Zoya's visa is expiring, prompting her to come up with an idea.
  9. “You Will Hurt Him” - Chief Boden prepares to counterattack McLeod in a final effort to save the firehouse from closure and the romance between Dawson and Casey escalates. Leon is making progress in the gang murder investigation, but Cruz cannot stand being left in the dark by Voight, fearing for his brother's safety. Meanwhile, Severide and Katie bond to make up for lost time and Otis feels uncomfortable living with Severide and Shay after Devon's latest escapade.
  10. “Not Like This” - All seems lost with Firehouse 51 on the verge of closing its’ doors, thanks in no small part to Gail McLeod, but Chief Boden and the rest of the house refuse to allow themselves to sit by and let it happen. An emergency call to an apartment structure fire tests everyone’s limits and puts the squad in harm’s way. Meanwhile, Dawson receives some life-changing news and union president Greg Sullivan makes headlines, which has an immediate impact on Mouch.
  11. “Shoved in My Face” - Lt. Casey struggles on his return to Firehouse 51 with the injuries caused by his near-fatal accident. Shay's new partner - Alison Rafferty, isn't that polite. Dawson enrolls at the Fire Academy to find that Lt. Severide is her instructor. Clarke doesn't cooperate when questioned about a murder case he is prime suspect in. Molly's future prospects continue to get worse.
  12. “Out with a Bang” - Lt. Casey struggles to come to terms with his near-death incident in the line of duty as his memory loss becomes more apparent. Shay continues eluding a lawyer wanting to talk to him about Daryl's suicide as he comes into a large sum of money. Dawson notices new recruit Rebecca's test-taking abilities. Otis and Katie play a board game. A woman with a negligent landlord is helped out by Boden.
  13. “Tonight’s the Night” - A drunk driver leaves a neighborhood without power when he drives into a transformer, leading to the team at Firehouse 51 to offer assistance on a cold night in Chicago. Most people from the community spend the night at the station leading to tempers rising and some romantic involvements heating up. Molly's bar leads to a dispute amongst its stockholders about its future and Casey continues to deceive both himself and Dawson about the condition he's in.
  14. “Virgin Skin” - Chicago Blackhawk players Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith make friends with Clarke and end up helping out a case when Shay gets an unusual tip. Severide's sister Katie is missing and he feels sidelined as Detective Lindsay takes on the case. Casey finds out more about his head injuries. Dawson pushes hard to pass the physical test at the Academy.
  15. “Keep Your Mouth Shut” - When Vince Keeler manages to walk free, Severide gets more and more impatient with the force. A girl trapped in a donation bin needs saving. Connie becomes someone not to be messed with as Mouch crosses her. A serious fire erupts in a 20-story downtown office block.
  16. “A Rocket Blasting Off” - Lt. Severide hits the top of the list as Detective Lindsay starts calling in suspects with the clearest motives to make the guy who kidnapped Katie disappear. Meanwhile, Jones is still having trouble fitting in as word of her disruptions reach the fire department’s headquarters. Elsewhere, Herrmann celebrates his twentieth anniversary with his wife, but no one supports his idea on the gift he intends to give.
  17. “When Things Got Rough” - Lt. Severide is reminded of his own past by a man he saves from a car accident and feels compelled to help him. Elsewhere, Lt. Casey and Chief Boden grapple with how to dock Jones per her father’s orders. Meanwhile, Mouch and Dawson have troubles with the opposite sex and an emotional call to duty creates ripples throughout Firehouse 51.
  18. “Until Your Feet Leave the Ground” - Lt. Severide sticks his neck out for Dave Bloom, a fellow firefighter from Denver who is troubled by addiction. Elsewhere, Dawson and Shay leave town for a "girl's weekend" at a cabin in the woods. Meanwhile, Jones struggles with the knowledge that her father is pressuring Chief Boden about her career path and Mouch's internet dating profile gets an upgrade with the help of Mills and the guys.
  19. “A Heavy Weight” - A suicide note is delivered to a surprised Dawson and Lt. Severide digs deeper into Bloom’s dark past. Elsewhere, Chief Boden learns shocking news, and with the help of Shay, Lt. Casey goes on the search for a life-changing item.
  20. “A Dark Day” - Lt. Casey and Dawson volunteer to help at a charity run at Chicago Medical when a massive explosion sends Chicago into chaos. With one of their own missing in the blast, the firehouse is tested like never before.
  21. “One More Shot” - With everyone’s support, Dawson makes final preparations to retake the fireman’s exam, but a call to the field may throw a major wrench into her plans. Elsewhere, Lt. Casey has an important matter to discuss with Antonio. Meanwhile, Lt. Severide and the firehouse welcome Rick Newhouse, the latest addition to the squad, Shay gets an uninvited surprise guest and Chief Boden makes a bold move.
  22. “Real Never Waits” - In the season finale, a fire at a boarding school leaves Lt. Severide shaken and wondering if he could have done more. Meanwhile, with the firehouse in full support of Dawson as she retakes the fireman's exam, Lt. Casey attempts some political maneuverings on her behalf. Elsewhere, Mills looks for answers about his father's mysterious past and Chief Boden's grand plans take a detour.


  • Jesse Spencer as Lieutenant Matthew Casey, Truck 81
  • Taylor Kinney as Lieutenant Kelly Severide, Rescue Squad 3
  • Charlie Barnett as Firefighter Peter Mills, Truck 81/Squad 3
  • Monica Raymund as Firefighter Gabriela Dawson, Firehouse 66
  • Lauren German as Paramedic Leslie Elizabeth Shay, Ambulance 61
  • Eamonn Walker as 25th Battalion Chief Wallace Boden, Battalion 25
  • David Eigenberg as Firefighter Christopher Herrmann, Truck 81
  • Teri Reeves as Doctor Hallie Thomas
  • Yuri Sardarov as Firefighter Brian "Otis" Zvonecek, Truck 81
  • Christian Stolte as Firefighter Randy "Mouch" McHolland, Truck 81
  • Joe Minoso as Firefighter/Chauffeur Joe Cruz, Truck 81

Special Features:

  • Behind the Scenes
  • I Am a Firefighter Digital Series
  • "Stepping Stone" - Chicago P.D. Pilot Episode
  • "8:30 PM" - Chicago P.D. Crossover Episode

Best Deals:

  • Best Buy - Save 15% when you purchase 2 or save 25% when you purchase 3 TV titles $14.99 and up. Offer valid 8/10/14 - 9/27/14.

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DVD - $26.99 at, Best Buy, $30.19 at Target,



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