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September 11 truther crashes Malcolm Smith Super Bowl MVP press conference

With Super Bowl XLVIII in the history books, at least one guy -- a 9/11 truther -- was ready to talk about something else -- and he interrupted Malcolm Smith's game MVP press conference following the big game to change the subject.

Yahoo Sports reported Feb. 2 that a man, later identified by New Jersey police as 30-year-old independent journalist Matt Mills, breached Super Bowl security, moved quickly to the microphone where Malcolm Smith was seated, leaned in and said, "Investigate 9/11. 9/11 was perpetrated by people within our own government."

He then just as quickly exited the way he had come.

Security personnel later apprehended the man, who was then arrested and charged with trespassing.

Mills later told that he didn't think he'd get that far. "I just kept getting closer and closer. Once I got past the final gate and into the stadium, I was dumbfounded.

Super Bowl Sunday was certainly a day of surprises for Malcolm Smith, linebacker for the champion Seattle Seahawks. He helped orchestrate a defensive shutdown against the No. 1 offense in the NFL, keeping them to a shocking 8 points for the game. Then he became only the eighth defensive ballplayer to ever win the coveted Super Bowl Most Valuable Player award. And as surprising as those two things may have been, neither event likely shocked him as much as the 9/11 truther that crashed his Super Bowl MVP press conference.

The look of complete surprise -- then fleeting concern, and the quick glances to each side -- on his face as was ample proof that Mills' move was more unexpected than anything he'd defended during the Super Bowl.

But Mills was just there to make people aware of the truth, or at least the truth as he and other 9/11 truthers believe it to be.

And just what are 9/11 truthers? They are conspiracy theorists that believe that the United States government, specifically (in most cases) the Bush administration, somehow had a hand in the plotting, execution, and cover-up of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D. C., on September 11, 2001.

Most people consider them extremists and part of the lunatic fringe. But there are millions of 9/11 truthers as well. According to a 2013 Public Policy Polling Conspiracy Theory poll, 11 percent of respondents said they believed that the government allowed the 9/11 terrorist attack. And as The Wire pointed out, that 11 percent qualifies as over 34.5 million truthers.

Mills is affiliated with WeAreChange, an organization whose aim is "confronting prominent and powerful people with the tough questions the mainstream media doesn't want to ask."

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