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Sepp Blatter announces that MLS will move to FIFA calendar

Sepp Blatter at the 2014 World Cup final in Brazil.
Sepp Blatter at the 2014 World Cup final in Brazil.
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

FIFA President Sepp Blatter has announced that the MLS will be switching to the FIFA calendar. Blatter made the announcement Monday in Toronto before the U-20 Women’s World Cup to be held in Canada.

As reported on Tuesday afternoon, Blatter told the soccer press that he was not sure when Major League Soccer was going to switch its season calendar to coincide with FIFA’s calendar. Blatter did assert that Major League Soccer was going to do it eventually.

When Major League Soccer was started in 1996, the league was scheduled to be played during the summer. As of now, the soccer season in the US starts in March and postseason ends in December. This was done in order to avoid competition from the NFL, College Football, the NHL, and the NBA, who run approximately from Sept to June. Each league varies, but none of these big money makers run during the summer.

It is believe that soccer has grown because the sport has avoided running at the same time as the big leagues mention above. However, the MLS has trouble when international tournaments are being played, which usually run in the summer.

This past summer, Major League Soccer was being played while the World Cup in Brazil was being. Some players from the league had to leave in order play for their national team. Next summer, the Copa America is going to be played and South Americans playing in the US could be called to play for their national team.

When major players are gone, Major League Soccer teams start hurting, including tickets sales as fans will not attend if their favorite player is not around, and the season can be affected greatly. Unlike most European, South American, and most leagues around the world, their seasons are done during the summer, so their international stars from the respective leagues are fulfilling their national duties without affecting their clubs.

Now that soccer has grown in the US, it has been stated that the US should switch to the FIFA Calendar, which runs from the end of August to the middle of May. Some leagues vary, but that is the norm for a soccer season around the world.

On the other hand, reports have it that Major League Soccer Communications have responded through Twitter stating that Blatter is incorrect. Tweets stating by the MLS Communications have been going viral by stating that Major League Soccer will remain with the same calendar.

So far, the league has done well, so why change it. Yes, it does affect certain club teams in when international tournaments are being played in the summer, but the league could also take a major hit if it switches its calendar. It's a big decision to make. Hopefully, what ever happens, the MLS will still thrive.

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