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Separation anxiety with back to school.

Waiting for your return
Waiting for your return
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In the next couple of weeks kids will be heading back to school and your canine/feline friend may or may not be to thrill about it. For those pets that spent a great amount of time with the kids playing in the back yard, swimming in the pool or even just cuddling next to them while watching television, they may begin to show signs of separation anxiety when they return to school.

Some tell tale signs are depression, such as sleeping a lot, moping around the house and not wanting to be active. Your pooch may also show signs of aggression like chewing furniture, shoes or items that may belong to your child. Your cat may start meowing more and your dog may bark or howl more. If you see any of these signs from your pet, basically be patient with them. Once a routine has been established they will be able to cope with the separation better.
Other things to help them get over the anxiety is provide them with plenty of interactive toys. You may even want to leave a radio playing or the television on to give them the comfort that someone is still there. When you or your child returns home for the day, greet your pet and establish a little one on one time with them. Take them for a walk or play fetch outside. For the feline pet brush them or provide them with a treat.

Just remember your pet doesn’t always understand the concept of leaving and returning. So by making the experience more pleasurable for them you are easing the feeling of the separation that they are beginning to feel when you walk out that door.