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Separation anxiety in cats is not uncommon

Where are you going?
Where are you going?
Karla Kirby

Many people get cats because they want an independent companion who can entertain him/herself while they are at work, or just plain leave the house for an hour or two. It’s true that cats can be autonomous in many ways, but they truly need us to give them camaraderie, attention and love. Many cats greet their owners at the door when they return home, looking up to them with love shining out of their beautiful eyes.

Their cousins out in the wild don’t have this problem. They are full of activity all the way through each day stalking, sleeping, eating, and then repeating the whole progression manifold times. But our domesticated cats that live indoors by our sides can become lonesome and aggravated when no one is around and there’s not a thing to do. True, they can entertain themselves, but they do get bored doing the same thing day in and day out in a silent, still house and can suffer from separation anxiety.

Any cat can develop it, but it’s most frequent in kittens who were orphaned at an early age or separated from their mother much too early. Both grief and stress can also be aspects and cats that lose an owner due to death, divorce, favorite person going off to college can develop separation anxiety.

If your feline follows you everywhere you go and sulks or cries when you leave, seems depressed, or refused to eat, separation anxiety may be the case. Cats with separation anxiety may express their discontent by eliminating outside the litter box, spraying urine on your clothing or bed, vomiting, grooming so impulsively that they develop bald spots, or scratching furniture or even the door frame. All of those behaviors are the cat’s way of telling you, “I’m bored, I’m lonesome, I’m afraid, Don’t you love me? and doing these things helps me feel a bit better.”

Cats are classy, complicated and chic. Don’t punish them for this sort of behavior. Redirect them instead. Each day spend quality time with your feline and perhaps even get another cat for their companionship.