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Separating Fact From Fiction: Educate Yourself

Proud Mum
Proud Mum
Courtesy of stock.xchang

From January through March, we will be hearing a lot of political discussions surrounding puppy mills and breeders in Iowa.  This is the time of the year when all are voicing their opinions to the legislators surrounding the animal breeding business.

Activists are fighting for better conditions and less inhumane pratices.  Armed with disturbing pictures of malnourished dogs and puppies in local puppy mill operations, they make compelling arguments about the need for further regulations and stricter penalties to all who do not abide by laws of morality.

Breeders are arguing for their rights as legitimate small businesses.  Tired of being grouped together with incompetent and detestable facilities where animal breeding is done illegally and with complete disregard to the health and well being of the dogs, breeders are determined to make their cases and position recognized as justifiable.

Then there are the extremists bombarding the entire issue with gossip, allegations, and hate.  Rather than attempting to help the animals that we are all trying to protect, they bring confusion, frustration, and anger to the situation.  Nothing that proves to be productive. 

Unfortunately in this battle of words and wits, there is less talk about the animals and more talk about the people.  "Mudslinging" would be the proper political term.  When truly focusing on the issue at hand, animal safety and well being, breeders and animal activists can walk hand-in-hand and help the legislators come up with an efficient way to manage the dog breeding industry. 

Confused about what to believe and where you stand? Arm yourself with knowledge. Research different groups and talk with their members. Ask questions. Before jumping on a bandwagon and spreading false rumors against another, know what the facts are.  And then spread the word for a better today for out beloved pets!


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