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Separated at wash: It’s Lost Sock Memorial Day

Lost Sock Memorial Day
Lost Sock Memorial Day
Sandra Perez

We all have that one lonely sock in our drawer that is unlike all the others, alone without its matching soul mate. Who hasn’t lost a sock or two after washing a load of laundry? May 9 is Lost Sock Memorial Day, a day to honor those lost socks. Not kidding, it’s a real holiday!

No source or creator has claimed this odd holiday, but a few ideas on how to celebrate have been published. To participate, try to spend a few minutes looking for those lost socks. They could be hiding behind or underneath the washer or dryer. These socks could have also been dropped and misplaced somewhere around the house or in the drawer of another member in the household.

To show your support (or really just for fun), wear mismatched socks on May 9. This is a great way to participate. If someone comments on your faux pas make sure to tell them why so this odd celebration can spread. Another fun idea is to organize your sock drawer and create a sock puppet from any lost socks.