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Separate taxpayer funded vacations fuel reports of trouble between First Couple

The Obamas.
The Obamas.

"Michelle didn’t think it was worth having a commuter marriage…”

While millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent on split vacations for the Obamas, certain foreign news services are all aflutter regarding possible trouble in the wedded bliss between the First Couple, as reported by Yahoo News of Australia and The Malaysian Chronicle both on Jan. 13, 2014.

Citing the American tabloid The National Inquirer, both foreign news portals made mention of an unnamed "Oval Office insider" who claimed the couple "are now sleeping in separate White House bedrooms."

Eyebrows were raised at the end of the recent taxpayer-funded Obama Hawaiian vacation when Mrs. Obama stayed behind in sunny Oahu while the family went back to Washington, DC.

In the report from The Washington Post of Jan. 5, 2014, it was apparent that Mrs. Obama took a pass on seeing her husband and children off at the Honolulu Airport as she stayed behind.

But Wait, There's More...

Largely ignored by the vast majority of the American media, has already covered marital ups and downs for the First Couple.

What many dismiss as a simple slip of the tongue, Michelle Obama may have revealed more than she hoped for when she referred to her self as a "busy single mother" during an interview on Vermont television, as reported by Fox News last April of last year.

Somehow forgetting that she was married to the President of the United States, the FLOTUS stated during an interview with the CBS affiliate in Burlington, VT:

"'Believe me, as a busy, single mother,' she said, before pausing to correct herself. 'Or, I shouldn't say single -- as a busy mother, sometimes you know when you've got the husband who's president, it can feel a little single."

She also related that prior to moving to the White House, she considered herself a "busy mom" who sometimes didn't have the time and energy "to shop or cook" as much as she may have liked.

The Obamas Lived Separated For Years...

As cited in the Pasadena Weekly via Wikipedia, upon the election of Barack Obama to the U.S. Senate in 2005, Michelle elected to stay in the south-side of Chicago to raise the couple's two children.

Yet the self-inflicted separation of the couple predates the Senate win.

Barack Obama served as an Illinois State Senator from 1997-2004.

During that time frame the couple, again, elected to reside in separate locations.

In a January, 2012 article in the left-of-center news portal The Daily Beast, it was revealed that while Barry lived and worked in the Illinois state capitol of Springfield, Michelle took a pass on relocating:

"His tenure in the statehouse was marked by him complaining that the work wasn’t serious enough.

Michelle didn’t think it was worth having a commuter marriage."

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