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Seoul, South Korea

South Korea is an unique country in that it is not a melting pot of ethnicities and races like most other 1st world countries. Seoul is the capital of South Korea and is home to more than 10 million people. South Korea is steeped in history as the earliest settlers are said to have called Seoul home since 2330 BC; the city calls itself ‘The Ancient Modern Capital’. Most people would think that the capital city would be crawling with ancient monuments and historical sites, but when the Japanese took over the country, they destroyed some of the monuments.

The main road with the historical sites and museums is Sejong-daero. It starts in the north end with the Gyeongbokgung (Palace). The palace was the former residence of the king and royal family of the Korean Empire. Destroyed in 1915 by the Japanese, and rebuilt in 1990, tickets cost about $3 (3000 Won) to explore the grounds, including recreated state rooms. Sejong-daero road continues south with Gwanghwamun Square, the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, and Deoksugung (Palace) being the highlights. Sejong-daero road ends with the Sungnyemun (Gate) and proximate Namdaemun Market. The market is the largest in Korea and is known for the low prices and hospitality.

Whether you are in Korea for the sites or shopping, make sure you eat your way through the country as the food is spectacular and unique. Korea is a unique country in many ways and should be on the list for any traveler.

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