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SEO Tip: Using Online Press Releases For Greater Visibility

Greater Online Visibility
Greater Online Visibility
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One of the major challenges businesses face online is to be recognized by the search engines and ranked on the first page of relevant results. Another challenge for professionals and businesses is to be recognized for their expertise. An easy, and fairly inexpensive way to tackle both challenges, is to utilize online press releases.

In the past, when referring to “press releases” organizations wrote and sent them to get news picked up in the physical newspaper or to be a guest on a news show -- some kind of traditional press. Today, SEO professionals use online press release sites as part of a powerful awareness tool and link building strategy.

For example, if you “Google” Kathryn Rose Social Media, for example, you will see many articles about my speaking engagements, my book releases and so on. Each of these were press releases either sent by me or by the organization I was speaking at to create awareness and position myself as a social media expert. When clients “Google” my name, they will see this information and perhaps feel more comfortable that they are dealing with a true professional.

In addition, each press release produces a backlink to your site. One of the ways Google ranks websites is by popularity. The more sites linking back to your site, makes your site more popular, therefore you will rank higher on the search engines. When the releases get picked up on line by Google news and syndicated throughout the internet, more backlinks are created. In addition, many sites pull these directly onto their own in the form of an RSS feed, which may provide you with a potential for a whole new audience.

Many of my clients still have trouble with what to send press releases about. Remember, you are not pitching the “Today” show here so don’t be shy about sending them out about any milestone, no matter how small it seems. For example, I was just asked to speak on a panel with the CT Attorney General on cyberbullying because someone saw my press release on my book The Parent’s Guide to Facebook. This strategy works and I highly recommend you consider one free and one paid press release per month as part of an ongoing awareness and link building campaign.

Here are some ideas of what to send press releases on:

- Announce your site and what it’s about (make sure you use keywords):

- Announce that your business has joined the social networks, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

- Promote a speaking engagement or an award you received or a media appearance

- Announce the winner of a contest

Here is a list of some of the best free and paid press release sites:

Paid: PR Leap, PR Web

Free: PR log , PR Inside

For more information on Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing please see my website

Please leave your online press release tips in the comment section.


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