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SEO Tampa Style

SEO Tampa style

SEO Tampa Style
Kathryn Sias

Most businesses these days have a website. A website affords the business an opportunity to showcase products or services online. If the proper online marketing strategies are applied then SEO Tampa will be a viable option.

Common questions that others from the Tampa area are asking me:

  • What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?
  • How do you optimize your site to get to a good position in Google?
  • What types of links are working since the latest Google updates?

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization Tampa?

SEO is used as an online marketing technique that helps you be seen in Google and other searches. Most website owners are concerned with SEO because if your site is positioned well in Google or other search engine searches your site will get more visitors, hence your site will sell more products or services. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a form of online marketing that you do not want to overlook.

How do you optimize your site to get a good position in Google? What types of links are working since the latest Google updates?

That's the million dollar question that most SEO Tampa experts do not want to share. There is a multitude of techniques that will give rise to certain terms you choose.

  1. Excellent onsite optimization - making sure your content is appropriate, no duplicate content, the home page title tag and meta-descriptions should be well thought out, each page should have a different title tag, meta-descriptions, checked for image and video tags and other factors, other very important factors that your SEO expert can help you understand.
  2. Good content placed in appropriate places off site.
  3. Well designed social profiles, active social profiles that can generate a lot of website traffic which will in essence help all your site optimization and in a big way.

Let me give you some examples.

If you have a portable buildings company a good term to rank in Google for would be: portable buildings or portable sheds. If you own an Orlando interior design firm then you would want to rank for the term: Orlando interior design or Interior design Orlando.

When someone goes to Google and types in "Orlando interior design" your hope is to come up on page one of the searches. This assures you plenty of click-through activity and visitors back to your site. Just one great client and you have made a good return on investment for your online SEO marketing.

There are plenty of tactics that will help you get a good position in Google. An SEO expert would know the techniques that your own personal website needs to use. Every website being different there is a plethora of methods used to optimize your selected terms.

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