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SEO Strategy: Page Titles

Use your keywords in your page title.
Use your keywords in your page title.

One way for search engines to find you is to title each page on your website carefully and creatively. Your page title is displayed in search results as the most prominent piece of information available to searchers, so choose wisely.

Use correct grammar, case and spelling in your page titles. If your keywords can be used, give them the opportunity. On the portfolio site of Whitespace Creative, each page is named for a different set of keywords, e.g. Art Direction, Web Design, Content Development, etc.

Watch out for length in page titles: IE accepts 95 characters, Google only accepts 66 characters before it crops. How's this for a page title: "I Make Money Online By Telling People How I Make Money Online - John Chow dot Com." (That's 84 characters, including spaces.)

Use intelligent and descriptive title tags. How boring is "About Us"? Rather, try "Meet the Design Team", or "Say Hello to the Worm Guy," if "worm" or "design team" are your keywords. Don't repeat words: Location Information and Statistical Information can both do without "Information."

Put your keywords at or near the front of the page title. Make sure your keywords are indicative of what's on your page, but don't overdo it; you're not a late night infomercial.

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