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Sentai Filmworks acquires ‘Bladedance of the Elementalers’

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Anime publisher Sentai Filmworks today announced, that it has acquired the action fantasy anime series, “Bladedance of the Elementalers” (Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance), for release in North America.

Based on the Japanese light novel series written by Shimizu Yuu, with illustrations by Sakura Hanpen, the “Bladedance of the Elementalers” anime is directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa (High School DxD) and features animation production from TNK (Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka). The anime also features series composition by Takao Yoshioka (Demon King Daimao) and character design by Maki Fujii (Shattered Angels), so for the most part, it would seem like they have the harem anime genre down. The series begins airing in Japan this month.

“Bladedance of the Elementalers” takes place at the Areishia Spirit Academy, a prestigious all-girls school, where ladies of noble birth are gathered to receive an elite education as they learn the ways of magic and earn the position of elementalist. Things around the academy change drastically however, when Kamito Kazehaya, an “unintentional pervert”, stubbles upon the academy and witnesses Clair, a student, in the middle of a contracting ritual. Not only does Kamito see Clair in all her nude glory, he unintentionally steals the spirit that she was trying to summon, meaning that he is actually an elementalist, the only male elementalist in existence. Kamito is now forced to attend the all-girls school, to learn magic, but with so many beautiful girls around, that won’t be the only thing he will learn about.

Anime fans can look for “Bladedance of the Elementalers” to be available through select digital outlets soon, Crunchyroll will be one source you can find it at, once the series debuts. Sentai Filmworks also has plans for a home video release, but no details about when we can expect the anime on home video have been announced at this time.