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Sensio Technology Inc. to exhibit new 3D technology at this year's CES - Consumer Electronics Show

Bluray - Here to stay
Bluray - Here to stay

There’s a lot of buzz around the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to be held in Las Vegas in a few days (January 7-10). Everything from the latest Internet apps to hot HDTV’s to highly addictive mobile phones can be found at the largest electronics tradeshow that represents the $172 billion electronics industry.

One local company trying to make good in the home video and gaming industries is Sensio Technologies. The brainchild of ex-bankers Nicholas Routier and Richard LaBerge, its patented technology facilitates the transmission and broadcast of 3-D content using 2-D devices and infrastructure. By providing encoding technology for minimal or no cost to movie, television and videogame producers creating 3-D products, it establishes product lock-in. Its gravy is the per-unit royalty it charges for the decoding technology used in televisions, game consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, personal computers or any other playback device. By hitching its 3D-tech ride to the hot gaming and home video industries, Sensio has been dealt the five aces of business models. Blu-ray Disc software sales continued to show dramatic growth with overall sales up 83 percent for the year and playback devices in 11.7 million U.S. households for the 22.4 billion home entertainment market. (The Digital Entertainment Group)

Analyst Eric Sprott of Toronto’s Sprott Asset Management feels extremely optimistic about Sensio’s future. “We expect 3-D to proliferate at a tremendous pace in all media platforms over the next few years and Sensio has what is considered the market-leading technology to help make that happen.” He’s not the only one that’s bullish on the company’s long-term prospects. It was trading at approximately $3.00 on the Toronto Stock Exchange as of late, considerably higher than the $1.72 it was trading at in October. As for Sensio, it plans to unveil its latest 3D-distribution solution at this year’s show. Keep in mind, the next time you watch a Blu-Ray DVD, you’ll probably be using the latest technology from Montreal’s latest high tech darling.