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Senser's can't be beat at tournament time

Go Vikes!
Go Vikes!
Joe Senser's

The first round of NCAA basketball coverage is an onslaught of wall-to-wall coverage for two days and CBS can only show one game at a time. They do bounce from game to game, but wouldn't it be nice to see them all from start to finish?

A person can order the NCAA March Madness package for around $70, but the need to change the channel still exists and it's mostly useful for the first round when there are 32 games taking place in two days.

Joe Senser's Sports Theater has the solution; watch them all at once on monster 5 x 9 foot HDTV screens that circle the entire restaurant and can be seen from every angle.

It's college basketball heaven for tournament enthusiasts. Never miss any play of any game.

It can be information overload at times but it's exciting, especially during the tournament and on Sunday's during football season

ESPN and SI consistently recognize Joe Senser's as one of the best sports bars in the state and one of the top 20 in the country.

Senser, a former Pro Bowl tight end for the Minnesota Vikings, was also a color commentator for the Minnesota Vikings Radio Network. It's no surprise his restaurant prides itself on sports entertainment.

Senser's has four Twin Cities locations including Bloomington, Eagan, Plymouth and Roseville.

Its slogan is "if the games on, it's on at Senser's," and that includes every sport from golf to ultimate fighting.

Food is great too. Burgers, sandwiches and appetizers are the best, but the rest of the menu is pretty solid.

The Sweet 16 is set and will begin play on Thursday, March 25th. Games will be aired everyday thru Sunday.


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