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Sense of IT all

There are a lot of people who are feeling lost when it comes to Information Technology. This eBook is to assist those wanting to achieve efficiency and gain confidence with Information Technology in their business and their life. There are so many devices, applications and services to choose from, but how do you know which ones to use and how to get the most out of them? The content will show you what you need to know. It is not intended to be a step by step user manual on specific products or technologies, but rather a guide, which can help form the foundations of your understanding and approach to IT. It is planned to be around the 100 page mark.


The content for the eBook at present covers the following topics:

- Email: How to organise and be more effective with your emails, tasks and calendar

- Photos: What you can do with the photos you are taking on your devices

- Notes and Ideas: How to keep a digital copy of everything

- Paperless: How to go paperless... yes it is possible

- Files / Data: Where to keep your data files

- Backups: What to consider and how to implement a backup strategy

- Forms: How to digitize your own forms and complete someone else's forms digitally

- Smartphones: How to make sure your smartphone is set-up to be a key part of your digital life

- Passwords and other confidential information: Stop leaving your keys under the doormat

- Financial Accounts: How to manage your invoices and receipts better

- CRM: How to set-up a CRM system for your business

- Travel: How to manage your travel plans with your smartphone

- Website: How to get your own website up and running

- Online Payments: What to consider when it comes to accepting money online and how

Perks include 60 minute consultations, a Google Hangout, copies of the ebook and credit and thanks!

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