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SENSE holds "Figure it Out" sessions for small business owners

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SENSE (The Solopreneur Education Network of Seattle and the Eastside) is a Seattle-based Meetup group dedicated to providing free and low-cost entrepreneur education courses.

In August, SENSE will be holding two "Figure it Out" sessions: mini mastermind groups for two hours to help small business owners move forward in their business.

SENSE's "Figure it out" sessions are a way to connect with other indie business owners and get feedback on projects, marketing plans, business ideas, websites, strategies, customer issues, and share resources. This group is purposefully kept small so that every attendee gets time for feedback.

For those who haven't attended before: FiO is kind of a mini masterminding session where you bring a problem in your business (or personal life, if you so desire) and everyone in the group works together to figure it out. The time-frame is divided up equally among participants so you'll get a dedicated 10-20 minutes of multiple people focusing on helping your business. You'd be surprised how much you can get in that time, and how much you learn from other people's business challenges.

If you don't have a particular problem, but just want feedback on your website or marketing ideas, that works too. Wi-Fi is available, so feel free to bring your computer.

The Seattle session is held on August 11th at the Lake City Library. Register at Meetup to reserve your space.

The Bellevue session is held on August 27th at the Bellevue Library. Register at Meetup to reserve your space.

For more information about SENSE, the second largest entrepreneur Meetup in Seattle, visit their Meetup page. Membership is free and open to all with an interest in small business development.