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Seniors you could see more money from Medicare to bail out Obamacare

The Obama administration is misleading the public about the progress of Obamacare. This has force health policy analyst to speculate the real enrollment number. This is due to that many who have enrolled did so just to ensure they did not have to pay a penalty when they filed their income tax. People who purchase individual coverage are ones who have lower incomes, so if they come across a major car repair or some other unexpected expense this could cause them to miss their premium payment. In addition, the people purchasing a individual coverage because they have to are more than like a healthy individual and are more likely to drop their coverage for financial reasons, and because they are not facing high medical bills to a medical condition. Therefore, it is possible that 15 to 25 percent of those getting an individual health insurance policy would drop it during the year because of the cost.

How is this insuring individuals have health insurance? In addition, how is the government going to insure that these individuals continue coverage to charge them a penalty in taxes? Showing coverage at the beginning of the year is something most Americans are going to do to help ensure they do not get taxed more or lose their return money. There is an article in Forbes that addresses as Forbes stated the behind the 4 million Obamacare enrolls facade an uncomfortable truth, and that truth is even though there is a first payment it does not mean there will be 12. Forbes is stating that “If the Obamacare individual market lapse rate mirrors or exceeds the pre-Obamacare lapse rate, it will further destabilize the insurance pool and make it even more likely that the government will have to come to the rescue with an insurance company bailout”. The next question is how is the government going to bailout the insurance companies? Seniors this could mean another dip into Medicare.

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