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Seniors over 70 are at higher risk of pneumonia .

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Pneumonia in the elderly is the eighth leading cause of death.

81.2% mortality was recorded in 2010. This factor increased tremendously with age due to physiologic and anatomic changes in the lungs.

Most Elderly over 65 years suffer from oral dysphagia as well as people with stroke, Parkinson’s diseases and neurological disorders. Over-prescription drugs in the elderly, lack of emotional support and nutritional deficiencies as well as change in the lungs that occurs with age, are other significant factors.

Oral cavity is impaired and oral hygiene poor. Microorganisms living in oral cavity can cause aspiration pneumonia. 43.3% of older adults have respiratory tracts bacterial colonization.

Difficulty eating and swallowing food can have a significant impact on a patient's life. Some signs and symptoms of swallowing difficulties include difficulty initiating a swallow, coughing, and choking. Adding poor immunity and malnutrition, seniors over 70 are at higher risk of pneumonia. The research was published in the current physical medicine and research rehabilitation reports in 2013.


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