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Seniors dumped at high-kill shelter

Dusty and Scooter
Dusty and Scooter
Andrea Neyses

Dusty and Scooter were once beloved pups. Unfortunately for these two seniors, their owner recently died and now they find themselves alone in a scary, hot, old municipal-run shelter with lots of noise and surrounded by even more death. The owner’s family could not deal with them for reasons unknown and turned them over to the San Bernardino City Shelter.

Dusty is an unaltered female. She is a tan and white Labrador mix. A shelter staff member guesses that she is about 13 years old.

Dusty’s best friend is Scooter, a neutered male Chihuahua mix. He is tan and black. He is 18 years old according to shelter staff but does not look his age.

These two friends do not stand much of a chance of getting out alive unless someone steps forward in the next couple of days to rescue them. The pair entered the shelter on June 18. They could be euthanized at any time for space or if they come down with kennel cough or exhibit any sign of illness.

According to Andrea Neyses, a local animal advocate who took the photo above, both Dusty and Scooter are very well-behaved. She says they walk well on a leash, and they are good to one another. She says she would guess their ages to be closer to 7 or 8 as both are spunky and get around well.

But they are in a scary, germ-filled place, where at their age, they are more susceptible to disease. Due to their senior status, it is imperative someone they find a new home as quickly as possible.

Dusty and Scooter are bonded. These best friends hope someone finds it in their heart to adopt them as a pair to live out their retirement together.

San Bernardino City Shelter is a high-kill shelter. It remains controversial due its euthanasia policies and lack of treatment of sick and injured animals.

Disease is rampant in the shelter. The shelter is old and moldy. Shelter staff members euthanize animals at the first sign of kennel cough or upper respiratory issues.

To learn more about Dusty and Scooter, contact the San Bernardino City Shelter at 909.384.1304. Dusty’s animal identification number is A467607. Scooter’s animal identification number is A467609. Follow them on Facebook at: Dusty and Scooter.

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