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Seniors Beware the government will control you doctor

Obama is trying to get congress to commit to more than $5billion to new training programs to combat the physician shortage. The physician shortage his Obamacare created. Seniors do you want a doctor that was trained in a program from the government or a doctor that went the 12 years to medical school to become a doctor that wants to heal people or help people any way they can. I would have to say I want a doctor that the 12 years of medical training and did a residency in a hospital and so forth. President Obama asking for the money to help train new doctors is not trying to help seniors or anyone else, it is a Band-Aid for what he caused with the implementation of Obamacare.

The budget proposal calls for the increase funding to train 13,000 primary care residents over the next 10 years. In addition, the budget will increase the number of care providers by 7,000 a year. The funding for this budget of boosting the number of medical residents that will practice in underserved and rural areas, will come from Medicare funds. In addition, the training for these physicians will be focused on a team-based care. This team-based care may cause a decreased in qualified doctors, because the medical students that are graduating from the high cost medical schools usually are drawn to higher-paying fields to pay off their student loans. The way the government is handling the possible doctor shortage, which the Obamacare created is to also use more Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and recruiting foreign trained doctors.

Seniors do you want the government to use your Medicare to train doctors that may not be qualified to be doctors, or even a foreign-trained doctor. The time is now that seniors be vigilante when it comes to their healthcare. This may also be a way for the government to gain more control over all citizens and tell seniors what they can and cannot have for medical treatment. A government trained doctor is a government employed doctor.

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