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Seniors Beware!

Watch out for who is calling you
Watch out for who is calling you

It seems that there has never been a time when seniors – those over age 55 – are the target for hackers and thieves. Today is no different. There is new technology that shows the thieves the age and potentially everything that has happened in a person’s life. Then they prey on those that cannot afford to be stolen from.

The technology available through a few simple quick clicks on the computer can tell a would be thief if you have even had to pay the IRS money on installments. It will reveal you age and where you are living and with whom. It not only gives them the city where you live but also the number and street you live on and the zip code and your phone number.

Their technique is to call and state that they are such and such from the Internal Revenue Service and that you are to return the call immediately to the following number as you are in violation of tax code laws and subject to arrest. If you call the number given a gentleman – normally with an Indonesian accent will tell you his name with badge number blah, blah, blah said so fast you have no idea what they were telling you. They then will inform you that you are in violation of reporting the correct amount of income on your income tax and unless resolved today you will be picked up by the Sheriff for these violations.

He will ask for your Tax Attorney’s name and phone number. But doesn’t really wait for an answer. He then will state that you have misrepresented the amount of your income for the last five years and that you owe a total of “X” thousand dollars and how do you want to take of this today?

The other scam going against seniors is a man or woman contacting you by phone stating that are with the United States Government and because you have not declared bankruptcy and have always paid you bills on time and have a great credit rating the Government would like to give you a GRANT of “X” thousand dollars. They will even tell you that this so legit that the city you live in police department is recording this conversation.

They then say that you have two ways of being given your grant and make sure you understand this is not a loan. They even go so far as to ask you how you will use your money. The two ways of getting the money is either giving them your bank information so that it can be deposited into your account within the next 40-45 minutes OR you can give them a credit card and they will deposit it into that account, again within 40-45 minutes.

Either of these two ways will allow the thieves to either empty your bank account or charge items to your credit card. These are purely and simply scams and unfortunately people are falling for them all over the country. Quite often the caller ID will be listed as a 360 area code and from Aberdeen, Washington.

Should you receive one of these calls either don’t answer the call or hang up immediately. Should you have been violated by one of these calls or have received one and not given them any information please contact the Federal Trade Commission and file a report. Their web site is and click on file a report. Or their phone number is 877.382.4357. They will gladly take the report over the phone. While on their web site you can check out other scams that are being conducted every day.

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