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Seniors are resistant to change

Senor couple
Senor couple

Seniors, do you have a hard time with change? Are you sent in your ways? Many seniors are resistant to change no matter what it is. When you are young change is scary and exciting, but when you are in your 50’s, 60’s and 70’s you are set in your ways and more resistant to change. Especially changes your children are insisting you do like move into an assisted living facility or move in with your children for health reasons etc. Resistance to change for a senior, is usually because of many seniors have embraced a static lifestyle.

Sometimes it is difficult for your children to understand why you are resistant to change. Seniors your children will find it difficult to understand that moving into an assisted living facility or nursing facility is an unpleasant idea for you, even if you are having a difficult time taking care of yourself. Seniors you need to talk with your children so they can understand how you feel about it. This conversation may convince your children to think of an alternative to a facility or even a way for you to stay in your home. In addition, seniors you may want to do your own research to accompany this conversation and then a mutual agreement can be reached. Change is hard and the thought of life being different, especially when you are comfortable with your present circumstances creates the resistance and conflict.

Many seniors feel change interferes with their independence and can make them feel that they’ve lost control over their environment. Many individuals sense of self is often the first things to go when faced with a potential change coming from someone else. This needs to be explained to your children especially after you have a major change in health or functionality. Change is meant to bring something different, and because seniors do not know how different they become resistant. Many seniors like routine, especially if they feel they are developing some cognitive difficulties. In addition, a lot of differences can be confusing for someone with cognitive difficulties. Seniors being resistant to change is not unusual and there are many reasons to be resistant to change. Should you want more information look at the following websites.