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Senior Prank Season

For your senior in high school, the days in May cannot go fast enough. He or she is looking forward to summer with such fervor because they know a new chapter is about to unfold. Before the end of their high school term and graduation, there are traditions, such as painting the graduating year on a hillside in Arco ID. Sometimes, there are high school pranks based on mischief. For instance, a play on words--all seniors marching out of their classrooms at a certain time when they ask their teachers the date, March Fourth (Forth). These minor disruptions are tolerated and even smiled upon since within the fun, the graduating class is leaving a legacy.
However, sometimes a prank can go to the extreme. Recently, one high school in Teaneck NJ their senior prank made headlines. The students broke into their high school in the middle of the night and filled classrooms with balloons, sprayed silly string, and taped hot dogs to the lockers. They also flipped over desks, and urinated in the hallways. Since they broke into the school, the alarm went off, police were dispatched, and 62 students were arrested.
This story can serve as a warning to your graduating senior. One lesson is to encourage them to listen to their instincts. Also, advise them to look at the bigger picture. One student interviewed mentioned he was receiving a scholarship and didn't want anything to interfere, so he declined participating in the prank.
As with this example, senior pranks can be a kick start for your son or daughter to put their decision making skills to the test. Take everything into consideration, don’t succumb to peer pressure and if they participate, they will need to live with the consequences.

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