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Senior portrait photography

Senior portrait photography is one on the most challenging and reward products that we offer at Bayline Studios.

Things have changed quite a bit since I was going into my senior year in high school. Back then we could care less about pictures, posing, putting on a suit and tie. Photos back then were boring cookie cutter, turn here and smile there.

Today the bar has been raised. Kids want to show their individual personalities. Sports, dance, music, techie stuff. Kids want their photos to pop and have a one of a kind unique quality. Sure you still have to do the traditional ones where your image will be represented on the mantle, dads office and what not, but once those are done, it's your time.

We find that moms and dads are on board with this. We really want to see what the child is passionate about and incorporate that into a photo essay. We have football stars, cheerleaders, rockers, goths, theater kids, you name it. All want that one of a kind portrait, unlike anyone else's .

That is where we come in. A lot of the senior portraits that we do are out of the studio, meaning on location. We have shot in concert halls, locker rooms, quarries, underwater, whatever it takes to bring the vision to life. We have gone on horseback, bungee jumping, white water rafting, all to capture the intense individual spirit inside every child.

The main thing about portraits is that they are hard. It is not just about posing and snapping a picture. Any idiot can do that. It is about crafting a story, bringing out the genuine emotion, and having the client go, wow!

Taking an image is only the beginning. The real work begins when the cameras have been packed away and the session is over. A true professional will look at a series of images and immediately weed out the ones that don't make the cut or are somewhat duplicates. From there we rate them for aesthetic quality, and which ones just have that something special. From there we edit, crop, enhance, adjust color tone, skin smoothing and the works.

When we are finished, it is always an awesome sight when the kids and their parents are like, yeah! That makes it all worth while.

My advise is, do your homework. Look at several different photographers, get references, check out their style, ask to see finished works, not just what you see online. Also ask about any awards, associations, and guilds that they have won or belong to.

Robbie McLean is a nationally recognized lifestyle photojournalist, and one of Maryland and DC's top wedding and portrait photographers. He is the creative director of Bayline Studios Photography and Events, LLC.

Contact Robbie through the bio page for more information.

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