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Senior Lhasa Apso of 12 surrendered by owner to high kill Miami shelter

Look how Robin's little tail is between his legs indicating his utter panic. Please help this little one.
Look how Robin's little tail is between his legs indicating his utter panic. Please help this little one.
Urgent Dogs of Miami

UPDATE: Robin's new human wrote to me this evening. This dog is safe! Thank you to everyone who helped spread the news about this adorable little senior. Thank you to Andrea who is always at Miami-Dade helping the shelter dogs find new homes.

Robin is a 12-year-old Lhasa Apso; what is he doing at Miami-Dade Animal Services? This tiny 14-pound senior was turned in by his owner; no reason was given. And now he is lonely, scared, and has no idea what he did wrong to merit being dumped in these unfamiliar surroundings.

Lhaso Apsos are known to be very spirited and devoted little dogs. Although they can be quite hesitant when meeting strangers, to their families and the important people in their lives, they are immensely loyal. What must Robin be feeling as he most likely lived in one place all of his life, even though his irritated and red skin indicates he may not have been well cared for in his previous home?

Sadly, the outlook and the possibilities of seniors being adopted are very slim, but humane advocates are pledging funds and spreading the news; hopefully finding someone who will provide Robin with the love and security he deserves in retirement.

Why not adopt a senior dog? They are very smart; been there and done that. Seniors like to nap and can be low maintenance. Lhaso Apsos have even been known to live into their early 20s.

Follow Robin's tragic story on Facebook as readers are asked to spend a moment and share this little guy's story with their friends, relatives, and coworkers. Sharing saves lives.

Click here to help Robin.

For more information on adopting a pet from Miami-Dade Animal Services, please click here and refer to #A0591451.

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